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Concurrent Session III

Concurrent Session III

Hardwood Forestry Practices & Hardwood Quality

Author Title
R. Collet, L. Bléron, J. Croisel, and J.-D. Lanvin The Processing of Small Low-Grade French Oaks into Solid Cross Laminated Panels
D. P. Hindman and L. D. Shields Capacity of Keyed Joints in Through Tenon Timber Frame Joints
A.S.M. Azmul Huda, A. Koubaa, A. Cloutier, R. Hernández, and Y. Fortin Wood Quality of Hybrid Poplar Clones: Clonal Variation and Property Interrelationships
D. P. Hindman and R. Falco Fastener Testing for Flooring Applications Parallel to Surface
B. Forbes, M. Leitch, and C. Shahi Assessing the Mechanical Properties of Black Ash (Fraxinus nigra M.) grown in the Thunder Bay Seed Zone for use in Value Added Forest Products

Hardwood Processing & Optimization

Author Title
P. A. Araman, S.-M. Lee, A. L. Abbott, and M. F. Winn Hardwood Lumber Scanning Tests to Determine NHLA Lumber Grades
J. P. Hildebrand and M. Anderson Introduction to New Innovations in Lumber Scanning Technologies
R. E. Thomas Testing and Analysis of Internal Hardwood Log Defect Prediction Models
S. T. Grushecky and C. C. Hassler The Use of Multivariate Analysis Techniques to Develop Standard Hardwood Log Grades: a Case Study with Red Oak Sawlogs
L. Horvath, P. Peralta, I. Peszlen, and L. Csoka Computer Modeling of the Micromechanical Properties of Transgenic Aspen Wood

Hardwood Certification & Sustainability

Author Title
T. Grueneberg, U. Buehlmann, R. E. Thomas Rough-Mill Simulator ROMI 3 - Overview and New Features
A. Cobut, P. Blanchet, and R. Beauregard Ecolabelling for Appearance Wood Products in Non-residential Buildings – Integrating Product Life Cycle and Environmental Impacts
M. Fellin, M. Negri, and R. Zanuttini Monitoring Pollutants on Wood Residues using FT-IR-ATR Technology
X. Cao, M. Seol, and I. Eastin An Overview of Forest Certification in China: Benefits and Constraints
O. Ndiapi, J. M. Njankouo, and L. M. A. Ohandja Technical Diagnosis of Secondary Wood Processing in Cameroon

Hardwood Innovations of the Future

Author Title
W.-D. Ding, A. Koubaa, A. Chaala, and H. Bouafif Surface Properties of MMA-Hardened Hybrid Poplar Wood
X. Cai and P. Blanchet Effect of Vacuum Time, Formulations and Nanoparticles on the Properties of Surface-densified Wood Products
L. Denes and E. M. Lang Mechanical Behavior of Heat-treated Red Oak Wood
A. Kaboorani Nano-technology as an Approach to Develop Durable Non-formaldehyde Adhesives for Wood Products
T Grueneberg, C. Mai, A. Krause, H. Militz, and L. Steuernagel Use of Wood Particles Produced from Chemically Modified By-products to Improve the Performance of Wood Polymer Composites