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Concurrent Session II

Concurrent Session II

Hardwood Forestry Practices & Hardwood Quality

Author Title
J. Johansson Aspects on Automatic Grading of Wood for Improved Material Utilization in the Swedish Hardwood Sawmill Industry
J. Wiedenbeck and E. Lowell An Examination of the Feasibility of Using Time-of-Flight Based Non-destructive Evaluation to Assess the Soundness of Standing Acacia koa
M. Jonsson Irrigation of Hardwoods During Summer Storage in Sweden
L. Woxblom and J. Palm Visual Tools for Communication of Wood Quality
F. Havreljuk, A. Achim, and D. Pothier Integrating Standing Value Estimations into Québec's Tree Marking System for Hardwoods

Hardwood Processing and Optimization

Author Title
A. Achim, S. Delisle-Boulianne, D. Auty, J. S. Perron, and D. Pothie The sawmilling potential of American beech in Southern Québec
V. Möttönen and T. Kärki

Discoloration and Liquid Water Flow in Birch (Betula pendula Roth) Lumber during Drying at Different Temperatures

O. Espinoza, B. Bond, and U. Buehlmann Impact of Energy Prices on the US Hardwood Industry
H. Hosseinkhani and A. R. Kharazipour Kiln Drying Schedule for Iranian Oak (Quercus Castanifolia)
W. Lin, J. Wang , and D. Summerfield Energy Consumption and Efficiency of Hardwood Sawmills in the Appalachian Region

Hardwood Markets, Trade & Business Insights

Author Title
D. Alderman International Housing Construction Developments – Implications for Hardwood Utilization
T. Lihra and U. Buehlmann Consumer valuation of hardwood furniture mass customization
M. Bumgardner, U. Buehlmann, A. Schuler, and K. Koenig Impacts of Construction and Remodeling Markets on the U.S. Secondary Hardwood Products Industry
I. B. Montague Social Network Media in the Forest Products Industry: A Look at a New Way of Marketing
W. Lin, J. Wang , and D. Summerfield Assessments of the Impacts of Economic Downturn on the Appalachian Hardwood Sawmills

Hardwood Certification & Sustainability

Author Title
R. J. Bush, P. A. Araman, and E. B. Hager Hardwoods in U.S. Wood Pallet Production
M. Winn, P. Araman, and D. Hindman Hardwoods Should be a Natural Fit in Green Home Building
P. A. Araman and U. Buehlmann Used Hardwood Pallet Deckboards make Great Flooring for Green Home Building
J. McDonald, M. Drouin, and N. Pearson Benefits of Sorting Hardwood Lumber According to End-User Needs
M. Drouin, R. Beauregard, and P. Blanchet Characterization of the Design Function in the Appearance of Wood Products for Nonresidential Buildings: A Conceptual Framework
Author Title